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Drum Lessons Berlin

Are you looking for drum lessons in Berlin?

Do you want to play like a PRO while having lots of FUN?

  • Online or in-person sessions in English, German or Portuguese
  • Learn how to deeply improve your rhythm skills
  • Boost up your playing even if you’re not a beginner anymore
  • Get exclusive videos at Drumtrainer.Online
  • Get the most out of your drumming and feel the joy of playing whichever song or style you want
  • Learn everything you need to know to become a professional drummer
  • Learn, practice and record songs with Tomplay

How the classes are like?

Do you want to have more personalized private classes or do you feel that you learn better in a group? Do you want to take lessons online or do you want to come to my studio? Maybe you play another instrument and want to step up at it by improving your rhythm skills? I can help you, too!

Techniques, coordination, independence, styles from Samba to Heavy Metal, plus varied subjects can be studied in my drum classes through books, videos, online tools, my own exercises and sharing experiences. As everyone is different, so the lessons can be.

Contact me now and get your slot!


Which kind of drum classes fit better to you?

At the Private Classes we will work in a personalized way on your playing. In these one-to-one sessions we’ll focus exclusively on your needs/intentions.

The Group Classes are for up to 3 students. Rhythmic activities with other drummers are both challenging and fun and will make you learn a lot! Invite your friends for your own sessions! (Suspended temporarily)


Learn more with these exclusive tools

More than 80 drum courses (for all levels from beginner to experienced) in 100+ videos and files with more than 40 international drummers. My students get 75% off at Drumtrainer.Online on the annual membership.

Learn songs by playing along and reading the notes in real time with Tomplay. Adjust the tempo and the volume of the instruments, select a part of the song to practice, record yourself and much more. There are thousands of songs, from easy to advanced. My students get an exclusive discount in the monthly membership.


Marcos is a fantastic teacher. He has huge talent as a player, and a natural approach to teaching, having guided our son from scratch in playing drums, both via face to face lessons and virtual throughout the entire lockdown(s). Marcos advises on good technique and explains activities in an understandable manner.

He is friendly, and his gentle and approachable manner is really effective for kids and I am sure for adults. The highlight of our week and we’ll be continuing!

Family Rettberg

I’ve been taking drum classes almost one year, and could not be happier. The online classes are very fun and Marcos always find the right approach me to engage in the learning needed. Is practical and also covers the theory of the drums. I would recommend to all levels of students.

Kalinka K.
Drum student

When I decided to start learning drums a friend recommended to contact Marcos. I have been studying with him for over 1 year now and I am super happy. The lessons with Marcos are fun and motivating. He has an immense repertoire of exercises, from the most basic to the most advanced, to improve my technique and evolve. Apart from technique exercises, very often we practice with some song, which is always super fun and interesting. Whenever I have difficulties with an exercise, Marcos knows how to approach it and gives me great tips to figure it out and continue. With Marcos I’m also learning music theory and how to read a music sheet, which is important to be a well-rounded and independent musician. As a person Marcos is fun, kind and honest and I regard him as a friend.

Raul I.
Drum Student

Marcos ist ein sehr toller Schlagzeuglehrer mit unglaublich viel Wissen. Er erklärt alles sehr verständlich und es macht viel Spaß. Ich bin als komplette Anfängerin zu ihm gekommen und habe in nur wenigen Stunden schon viel gelernt. 

Pia W.
Drum Student


Some numbers and facts about my career:

26 years of drumming, 17 years of teaching, more than 100 students, I’ve played for dozens of bands in over 1000 shows in 14 countries and I have participated in several albums and videos.

I have moved from my hometown – 10.000 km away – to Germany, just because of music. I have learned from some of the most renowned drummers of Brazil and Europe.

I was invited to study as a guest student at Drumtrainer Berlin  for 1 year.

In Legend | Photo by
Moran Magal | Photo by Jeremie Piasecki
In Legend | Photo by
Orquestra de Baterias

Drumming for Future

I believe that educators have the moral duty to help create a better world – not only by lecturing at their expertise areas, but also while instructing on overall well-being.

In face of the Climate Crisis and the overwhelming injustice caused to the animals, I decided to create – in a partnership with Pia Weissenfeld (All Creatures are Beautiful) – a group course called Drumming for Future at which I teach rhythms whilst educating about environment conservation and animal protection. 

The idea is to present interesting facts about our fellow non-humans, to show how similar we are in many aspects and to talk how we can protect them (and consequently the nature) only by changing routinely habits.

The course is held normally on school holidays and it’s designed for kids and grown-ups. 

Check out some of my stuff:

Why do I do all this? What motivates me?

I say it’s because of my passion for MUSIC! And it’s a privilege to be in the core, in the HEART of it and to make it pulse with the incredible power of the DRUMS! It’s indescribable the feeling of making people smile, dance and provoking different sensations through our ART!

I believe also that culture can be a strong component for social change. That’s why me and some friends founded Drums over Knives.

With the motto “Drums over Knives. Compassion over cruelty. We drum for total Animal Liberation!” the marching band has played in several protests and festivals in different cities.

Where will you learn?


Private 1-to-1 classes:
Weekly 55 min sessions – 160€ monthly 
Group classes:
Weekly 90 min sessions – 115€ per person


Hauptstraße, 10317 
Public transportation:
Tram 21 – Gustav-Holzmann-Str stop
S3 – Rummelsburg station (plus 10-15 walk)